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Keeping Some Money For The Future

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I am not wealthy nor have I a lot of money in the bank. But whatever little I earn, I make sure that I save some of them.

My husband and I are both earning, but we are not really earning much. I earn some money as a freelance worker but the amount is not fixed. My better half just receives a small allowance from his work because he is only working parttime. And we have a baby now.

Nevertheless, despite the expenses, we try to really save some amount each month for future use. We have a regular savings account with an ATM card so that we can make withdrawals anytime. It also comes with a checkbook for easy tracing for big payables.

We also have time deposits for short term deposits and mutual funds for long-term investments. Thankfully, we were also able to start up two mutual fund accounts with insurances for our baby. We also have a piggy bank where we put our coins and count them when we have filled it up. Whatever we have saved here goes to our savings account as well.

Sometimes it is just so easy to go shopping, especially if we have credit cards. But we should really remember the value of savings for we do not know when we need money. If we are married, we will be needing money to take care of our children until they are able to earn fro themselves.

But even if you are single, you will still need to save--for yourself, for your future family, for your health.

This does not mean that we should live miserly lives now so that we will have an abundant future. There is no use for that. But we have to handle our money and our lives with much wisdom. Everything should be balanced so that we will be able to enjoy a worry free life that is devoid of debt and with much returns.