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Kelly Slater: Surf's Up

By ladychai on
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When I first started highschool, I used to watch the series, Baywatch. There I learned about Jimmy Slade, a surfer. Everytime Baywatch is on, I am sure to watch it even if the series was a rerun just so I'd get a glimpse of Jimmy Slade then I would wait until the cast of characters are flashed so that I would know who Jimmy Slade is. Back then, computer was all new much more the internet so I had no idea who Kelly Slater was and do not know anything about his contribution to the surfing world. When internet was already introduced in the Philippines, the first thing I researched was about Kelly Slater. I learned about surfing and the many titles he won.

Born as Robert Kelly Slater on November 11, 1972 in Cocoa Beach Florida, has four brothers who also surf, has a band called the Surfers, has been a humanitarian by helping out save the ocean, a good golfer, has really good looks and has a lot of surfing titles on his sleeves.

Now, surfing is not just a balancing act on the waves and you'd get an award for doing so. You'd have to perform a lot of tricks to impress the judges and seeing Kelly's track record of titles won, one could say that he is one great trickster.

I used to watch this television show which followed the surfing legends aboard a national geographic shipping vessel. The show does not always showcase Kelly but I watch it in the hopes that I'd get to see Kelly Slater surf. It is actually difficult to find shows like that here in the Philippines. I'd have to flip from one sports channel like ESPN to another just to check if they are showcasing Surfing as a sport. There was one time I chance upon a surfing competition telecast and was able to see in that telecast how Kelly won a title. I believe it was his fourth or fifth title for the same annual competition. He is truly amazing.

One may ask, why idolize Kelly and why like surfing? The beaches in Cebu is not suited for surfing but what I really like about Kelly is the fact that he seems to be level headed, he always have to calm aura in him which is a total opposite of the waves he has bee riding. For me, his focus and love for surfing yielded a positive effect in his career and that's what I want to emulate.

If you do not know who Kelly is, please check his site: Kelly Slater