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Kids Keeping The Communication Open With Their Parents

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One time when my daughter came from school she told me that her class adviser is requesting me to be the guest speaker for their "Heart 2 Heart Talk" activity. I spent limited time staying or appearing at my kids' schools not because I don't want too but I do not have the luxury of time. That is why in that regard I still need to ask her when and what time so I can check if there will be no problem. To make the story short I was able to be there as a guest speaker.

The day before my speaking engagement I called up the school's Guidance Department to have an overview on what do I need to talk about with the kids. At least it will guide me on how will I do it. I came to know that the topic is strengthening and keeping the communication line open between kids and their parents. School noticed that kids at some point in time tend to be more open with their fellow kids with the things and stuff they want to talk about and forgetting to do the same at home with their parents.

After learning the subject matter I searched the internet for a small game to start with. I came across this Valentine's Matchmaker matching love teams or friends. It gave me an idea to come up with pairs of people the students are involved with at home and in school. So I arrived with the following relationships: Parents-Children, Brothers-Sisters, Teachers-Students and Boys-Girls. It is where we started talking about different relationships and the importance of communication and the mini-game was indeed fun.

Of course kid's situation at home varies from each other so I let the discussion open between me and them. I let them share their own experience or thoughts on the different scenarios or examples and talk about what is the best thing to do in dealing with it. From time to time I instill to them the importance of keeping their communication with their parents open not only to accomplish my objective but also as a parent, I know it is important.

I dealt with 36 Grade 3 students and I could say that they were very open and expressive with their thoughts and responsive as well. I ended up my session with a reminder or maybe a request to all the students (including my daughter) to always keep the communication open with their parents even when they are grown up.