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Kimber's Italian Chicken Two Meals In One

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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I have three girls and when they were young, I had to come up with meals that would be healthy, fast, well balanced and cheap. My daughters had said I should share my recipes with others, I thought I would start here before I have my cookbook published. I am starting here to get your valued opinions.I hope you try them and like them I am going to try and post all the meals so please enjoy! Kimber's Italian Chicken: Turn Oven on to 350 degrees

Ingredients: Cooking for two you will need three to four Boneless Skinless chicken breasts, depending on the size of the breast, Italian breadcrumbs and Ranch dressing. If you have a larger family, you just double the recipe.

After you rinse the chicken, then cover it with the breadcrumbs, about half a cup to a cup. Next, you use about a half to a full cup of the ranch dressing this is usually about half a small bottle. Mix it together well you want to make sure the breadcrumbs and the dressing cover the chicken well and that there is enough of the dressing to make it moist, and so you will have juicy droppings, cover and bake for one hour.

I usually make mash potatoes and corn to go with the chicken and a nice salad. It makes a great balanced meal. The next day I take the left over potatoes, corn and chicken, I crumble the chicken mix it all together with the dripping in the pan, then heat it and warm up some flour tortillas, grate some cheese this would depend on your taste I use sharp cheese. Once everything is heated, I put the chicken mixture in the tortillas top with cheese and roll like a burrito. You now have two meals in one.