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Know Your Insuarance And Keep In Balance

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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Does your doctors Office Bill Correctly? How well do you know you know the Insurance Plan you are on? Do you know what your co-pay, co-insurances and Deductibles are? Do you know what your total out of pocket is per year? Do you know when your deductible starts and ends? When you receive your explanation from your insurance, does it match the bill from the doctor?

Know your Health Plan: A few years ago, I changed my role in the billing field after many years I saw that the patients needed help more than the Doctors did. Most patients do not understand their insurance so I became an advocate to help.

Know the Differences between Co- pay, Co-insurance, Deductibles and out of pocket max for the year.

1. When you see your doctor, you will pay your co-pay. Most insurance companies will not apply your co-pay to your deductible always-double check your booklet to make sure. If you are unsure then call your insurances customer service.

2. Deductibles can go from either Jan to December or July to July. It is important to ask your insurance company when your deductible starts and ends.

3. Normally, your deductibles apply to such things as blood work, x-rays, hospital stays and other testing.

4. Once you meet your deductible your co-insurance will start, a co-insurance is a percentage that you would pay after the insurance pays their portion of the allowable. As with your deductable, these apply to the same services. Always get a receipt with the Doctor Name matter what. Billers are only human and they do make errors.

5. Once you meet your deductable and your out of pocket then you are no longer responsible to pay, the incurrence will then pay in full. Contact your Insurance to see if met.