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Lace Athletic Shoes For Extra Security

Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Athletic shoes usually have two small holes side by side at the very top, but what are those for? If you lace them in the following manner, they will be extra-secure on your feet and won’t slip as much as usual. This is especially good if you have narrow heels.

Even though this pair of shoes is fairly comfortable, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to keep them because they slipped around on my foot too easily. My sister-in-law, a former gym teacher, showed me how to lace them differently and now they slip much less.

If you look at the top of most athletic shoes you will see that there are two small holes, side by side. See picture 1. Lace the shoe as you normally would up until that point. Then take the lace which naturally comes out on the right and put it through that front top hole on the right side, from inside to outside. Then thread it back through the back hole which forms a loop on the outside of the shoe. See picture 2.

Do the same on the left. You now have two loops sticking out, one from each side of the shoe, with the laces headed to the inside of the shoe.

Then take the laces and bring each across to the other side and slip them through the two loops from the bottom to the top. See pictures 3 & 4.

Put the shoe on and pull the laces tight. For these shoes I have about a half to three-quarter inch loop showing after they are pulled up. Picture 5

Tie the shoe as you usually would. Picture 6.

This requires a little bit longer lace, but the ones that came with these shoes were fine, and I didn’t have to buy different ones.