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Las Vegas And It's Outrageous Employment Problems

elvyra By elvyra on
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Las Vegas is a fun place to visit but kind of awry for those that have to work here. It's tough to find work here and the work place has so many discrimination, harassment, bullying and inequality. You might not face these problems in other states but you do have to face them in Las Vegas. When I first moved here from CA, I was surprised by how badly I was treated in the workplace. I hope that Nevada labor lawmakers will make laws to better protect the working class. After all, they can help us. Employers here care more about themselves than the rest of us. You get pay about $7 an hour but you have to do a million things, like looking like a model, serve beer, burger and dance at the same time. It's just not something that I think Vegas should do to women here. Women are so degraded here because it's a women's business here in Vegas like stripping or escort work.

Employers here are about looks. It's sad but if you don't look like a model, you can't dream of working as a cocktail server or a bartender. It will not happen. You will get slam on jobs interview. I have been to many jobs interview here and I feel like I'm just embarassing myself here. It's all about the appearance, which is against federal law by the way for job seekers to have to look like models in order to get work. When you get hired, you have to sleep with your boss in order to keep your job.

One problem that I have is with the bullying you get in the workplace here in Las Vegas. Certain places like the Sands Venetian bullies their employees to the bone. We get yell at. They threaten to fire you or they will fire you just for asking something. They're almost like the Nazi. I felt embarassed to come to work for the Sands but thank God, I no longer have to work there. I have a new job. I hope that people will speak up if they get treated bad in Las Vegas. I hope that casinos will stop hiring bullying boss. I hope that they will hire more professionals. Las Vegas casinos should stop embarassing themselves wtih their High School bullying tactic. I'm just tired of Las Vegas and I'm about to do something about it. I've contacted the Labor commision about it and I hope that they will take notice of the problems here facing employees.