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My family has always been wanting a pet, every since my sister was born. But we never really got the chance to go to the pet stores and actually look for one. When my sister got older, she wanted a puppy, asking my parents every, single day if she was going to be able to get one. Finally, last fall, we got a chance to go to the pet store and look around. We looked at all the adorable pets, but didn't find one that really suited us. Our friends then suggested that we go check out the pet rescue center. There, we looked around, then headed to the back. A small, orange pomeranian was there with her brother. They were the cutest puppies we had ever seen! The girl came right up to us and started licking our hands. They were so gentle and sweet. They were both six weeks old, and the girl's fur was incredibly soft. We fell in love with her immediately. We knew that she was the one for us, so we adopted her. Once we got home, we decided to name her Lavender, after my favorite color. Now, she's a few months older, so she runs around the house, playing with all her toys and eating at everything we have. She's just a little ball of energy, and is great for our family. Whenever our grandparents come over, they're always excited to meet her. It makes us feels as though one more person has been added into our family. I believe that having a pet is very benefitial to the metal health of a family. It makes the house seem more happy and upbeat, and keeps everyone happy. Getting a puppy was the best decision we ever made, and I would suggest to get a pet someday!