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Learning Through Fun

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The enriched curriculum was first brought into schools in Northern Ireland several years ago, it was a pilot scheme and after about three years or so many other primary schools also brought in the Enriched Curriculum, the program is suposed to motivate children into learning at their own pace, the programme is to teach children in a fun way rather than just sitting at a desk writing.

Some of the subjects covered throughout this programme are THE ARTS - Kids will be encouraged to be creative through activities such as dance and design in the classroom. LANGUAGE AND LITERACY - Kids will be taught through shared writing and will have access to a large number of books in the classroom. MATHS AND NUMERACY - in this subject children are taught by taking part in practical exercisess in the classroom. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - this is taught through indoor and outdoor play, appartently promoting coordinating skills. WORLD AROUND US - this covers history, geography, technology and science, children will be encouraged to explore these subjects with practical experiments in the classroom.

Children will get homework which should be taught with the same method as the school is using, parents are asked to attend a course held in the school to help and support their child/children throughout their school work.

Right as much as all this sounds great, believe me it isn't, this program was first introduced when my first son started primary school, and very quickly he fell behind, they learned all the subjects I mentioned earlier, however they did not learn simple primary school stuff like the alaphabet, instead the letters were pronounced as a sound rather than the proper letter name, if he was to write the word "cat" as "kat" then we were supposed to tell him he was right. When he got homework, he was told "write a sentence if you want to" I always made him write though. In school they were taught through play which was supposed to make learning fun, my other two children started the same school and through time they too began to fall behind, when my youngest son finished P2 I moved them to another school and slowly but surely they are beginning to catch up on their school work.

I can understand the point behind this program, school was boring when many of us were there quite a few years ago, and yes learning through fun is a good idea and I am sure many children have progressed further in their education through this program, but what about the children who dont? are they just left to fall behind?

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