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Lebron James Is Benedict Arnold 2010

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Cleveland is a city that has been mired in sports mediocrity. The last taste of championship they had was with the 1964 Cleveland Browns. Don't get me wrong. They had had teams which were solid and had gone deep into the playoffs but never had enough to capture championship gold. Let's talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers. They had a very good team back in the late eighties and early nineties and went as far as the Eastern Conference Championship. They had talented players such as Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, John "Hotrod" Williams, Larry Nance and Ron Harper. Unfortunately though, they were time and time again defeated by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

It was not long after, Cleveland's core players left or were traded away and Cleveland was soon a perennial lottery participant. Their fortunes seemed to improve upon the arrival of Mike Fratello and the emergence of Terrell Brandon and Bobby Phils. They were able to reach the playoffs using a defensive strategy which revolved around burning the shot clock. Then after this slight improvement, the Cavs were back in the doldrums.

Enter the year 2003, the Cavs were so bad that they earned the right to pick first and they picked the hometown boy straight out of Akron, Ohio. He was a high school phenom and was hailed as "the chosen one." He was none other than Lebron James. To celebrate this new era, the Cavaliers changed their logo and uniforms. It was a day of promise and hope for Cleveland natives indeed.

Management has spent heaps to get King James surrounded with talent. They were able to surround him with All-Star calibre talent such as Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Antawn Jamison, Shaquille O' Neil and Maurice Williams. This has all been for naught as seven seasons have ended up with no rings for the players and no Larry O'Brien trophy for the city of Cleveland. Then at the end of all this, Lebron James bolts for the Miami Heat.

Yes you have heard it right folks. The same Lebron James that grew up in Akron, Ohio has deserted his hometown and left his team in shambles. He has decided to join his buddies Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Dan Gilbert was so infuriated by this that he has labeled James as a traitor and has written him an open scathing letter.

In my opinion, James did the best thing for his career as he is now in a very good position to win a ring and win multiple ones at that. Sadly, the public and media backlash would be severe. In many ways James has become a modern Benedict Arnold. Despite his acts of heroism, Arnold was remembered as a traitor and this may be the same for James.