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Let's Care For The Gifts We Are Born With

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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One of my most fond childhood memories is the way we sisters used to fight for the most coveted place, beside the radio, to catch up with our favourite sing along sessions! It was much awaited on Sunday afternoons. Since then times have changed and so have we. We are now in a different age, having different priorities on the To-Do list. 'Listening' is something we hardly do these days. Even when we want to we can't due to the lifestyle that always keeps us on our toes. We get digressed way too much and manage just about to skim through the noises around us.

Last week, in an endeavour to revive and contemplate the long-lost feeling, I switched on the radio to catch up with a good old program. But instead, something struck me very hard. I just couldn't relax through the whole program! I was distracted and digressed every now and then over some minor issues! I could hardly let go of the petty thoughts that I needed to do afterwards.

This got me down to serious thinking later. The issue is actually larger than it seems. I have been noticing that during long phone calls I am losing my concentration and my mind is starting to wander. Things have been changing very subtly and slowly. We humans are more inclined to learn things visually. We seem to learn faster that way. The ever increasing noise pollution, the digital sounds of the gadgets and gizmos, and our obsessive preoccupations certainly have much to do with our minds, brains and to the intensity of the ways we perceive things. The more we develop as mankind the more we seem to lose our natural perceptions, especially the sense of hearing.

Are we being metamorphosed into a new species? That is too scary to believe! Let's not go there but no denial of the fact that the audio visual medium and our live-on-the-edge lifestyle are taking over our natural sense of perceptions, mostly hearing!

It's sad that we hardly find people these days who make sure to stop by to say hello or nod to acknowledge and appreciation or even smile back. Today, we have little time to lend our ears and shoulders. We are always in a hurry to achieve something, to get to ‘somewhere’, to reach to a high, where we would be standing alone! That ‘somewhere’ remains undefined! In the process we are losing the most beautiful gifts that mankind is blessed with. We must love and care for things we have and care for the perceptions that we are born with. These are great gifts which make us different, happy and complete! So, let's care for the privileges that we are born with and nourish them before it's too late.