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Lexing Midi Dvd Karaoke

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Lexing Midi DVD Karaoke

Weekends are really great days for family to be with each other, relax and have quality bonding time. There are times we do different chores altogether so we can finish many things early. So after lunch we are all free to watch movies, play indoor games or have some singing spree.

Hubby and I have been thinking to buy a home karaoke for the family. My girl loves to sing. I think she had a voice but needs to develop more while my 5 year old boy enjoy reading the lyrics but he sounds angelic. If we will buy karaoke like WOW Magic Sing or the likes it will cost us huge. Also, given the ages of our kids (9 and 5) we are worried that they might always fall down the microphone where the controls are located.

One weekend while at the market hubby noticed this LEXING MIDI DVD KARAOKE. He got interested to check the features of the karaoke and finds it okay for the family. This karaoke has 13, 000 songs in 1 cd, 2 microphones and the song booklet. Aside from its song this karaoke can be fed with movie cds, original or pirated and is USB ready. We can buy a separate cd for the songs which includes the latest hits but for a separate price. The cost of this karaoke is very economical which indeed for family and party use. We bought this for only 2, 500 pesos. I think the updated cd (songs) will cost around 300-500 pesos.

We never thought that we can find a karaoke and a movie player in one at a very affordable price. Now the family can enjoy singing everyday of the week moreover on weekends and even during parties. And after we get tired of singing we can relax and enjoy watching a movie with this karaoke.

We'd been using this for more than a year now and the performance is still the same. Home entertainment for the family sometimes needs not to be expensive. It may come very economical like our multi-functional LEXING MIDI DVD KARAOKE.