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Life Changes With Money

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Money is a medium of exchange in all parts of the world. In the study of Science, it shows that money changes people. Having money, or just thinking about money, may affect one’s behavior. This effect can be a negative or a positive but it also depends on the view of the person about money.

In a commercial world where we live, every single thing we use in our daily life has a monetary value. From the moment we wake up until the time we sleep, we use various materials, which majority of them if not all is bought from the market. If not bought, we pay for them on a monthly basis like water, electricity, living spaces (for those under amortizations or those that are rented), car, and others.

Not only the materials that we use in various activities in our lives we use money; we also spend money for the activity itself like education. We cannot be enroll in our chosen courses if we will not spend. Children cannot be sent by their parents who don’t have the resources. In occasions like birthday, wedding, christening, Christmas, new year, family reunion, etc, people have to get a certain budget from their stash in order to buy food, pay for the rented venue, among other things.

Nowadays, technology is very much “in”. A lot of new gadgets have been invented for people’s comfort and faster performance of tasks. We have cellphones, laptops, etc. These things have their respective functions that really help us for our work or for our pleasure. However, in order for us to have an access to them, we need to have money and we cannot have money if we don’t have a source of income like a job or allowance from our family/parents.

In times of difficulties like sickness, we do need a form of emergency fund for us to have the right medicine that could cure our illness and the right medical instruments that could sustain our life. Absence of money therefore could terminate us in performing our routines and worse: one’s life in the case of those who cannot afford to receive the modern way of medical practice.

Money gives us what we need as well as those we want.

We have witnessed so many instances in our lives and in other people’s lives how money really change our actions and behavior.

On the positive side, man is able to attain improvement in their lives with the presence of money. With the abundance of money, other people become arrogant, greedy and boastful with riches. However, there are also those who become generous.

With the lack or absence of money, there are people who learn the value of working hard in order to alleviate their poverty. On the other side of the coin, there are also people who become weak with the struggle. In the news, there are those who try to commit suicide by jumping from the tall building simply because they don’t have work anymore.

Money can make us or destroy us. It all depends on how we use it in our life.

Money plays an important role in our lives but we have the power to set our priorities with the awareness of money and making money below the list.

If you want something, work hard for it. Spend money WISELY so that it will not create any negative behavior on your part. DON’T think that money is the only thing that makes you happy.