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Linda Mc Mahon For 2010

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Linda is running for the US Senate for the State of Connecticut. As much as I am a person who grew up idolizing Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and Bret Hart, I do not support Linda in this endeavor. Here are the reasons for that.

1) Linda is not against using military force against Iran. Great! Just what the people of the United States needs. another war! As if Afghanistan and Iraq were not enough. This isn't wrestling Linda. There is a thing called diplomacy. It isn't like you could send Steve Austin in Iran and he would just deliver stunners to the Iranians or send Sting there with a baseball bat and he would wipe out the Iranians like he did with the nWo.

2) Linda says she is all for "job creation." However her track record in the WWE states otherwise. How many employees has she laid off to save the company money. Not only that. It seems that monthly WWE wishes "future endeavors" on members of its talent roster. To say that she is for "job creation"seems hypocritical to me.

3) Linda has had a bad track record in terms of handling wrestlers. Many wrestlers have died young in recent years. Names such as Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit come into mind. She also does not give health benefits to wrestlers given the physical nature of their work. Sure wrestling is scripted but it is scripted in as far as outcome is concerned. Accidents could still happen. Injuries could still happen. The wrestlers deserve insurance.

4) Linda is buying the election. Linda is using her vast wrestling empire to fund her campaign and is willing to spend a fortune to get elected. The elections are about letting the masses get heard. It is not about some rich politician buying the position.