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Live Better: Take Charge Of Your Life With Better Choices

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According to the modern age thinker John Goekler, the most dangerous thing on earth is not terrorism but our attitude towards our lives – the way we conceive it, the way we live it. The way we face the proceedings in our lives makes it our foremost enemy or our happiest companion. According to him:

The major part of our lives we spend on anticipating the untoward things – the things that might happen and leave us lost and we invest time, emotional stress and money on the anticipated trauma.

No army, no insurance policy or vigilance can protect us from our own immune system. So the greatest enemy is our improper lifestyle that might lead to our deaths.

The things that truly make us more "secure" are not things. They are the courage, the conviction and the dignity with which we face life. So courage is the key to our security.

So, we invest on the wrong reasons, the wrong causes and the wrong choices. So, what does it take to live a better life? I have worked on the mistakes I made, only to realize that it's just a matter of reconsidering our priorities. Here is how:

How to live a better life: Make good choices

Life is essentially a conglomeration of the active choices we make in life. To make good choices, we need to have the ability to think well. This means, we need to be sane, poised and peaceful. Meditation is a great way to get to that point from where we can have a terrace view, where we can get a clearer idea by excluding ourselves from the situation and taking pro life enhancing choices. However, having said this, it's not always like a chess board - we lose, we fail we stumble and we rise from it. It requires great courage to rise every time we fall but once we are there we are secure and at peace.

How to live a better life: Overcome fear, be courageous

Fear is a deterrent. It's not only important to be conscious and aware but also important to be courageous and fearless. Fear is more killing than the atomic bomb or even the strongest venom. It kills us slowly and reduces us to cadavers.

How to live a better life: Love more, invest in family and friendship

Family is as beautiful as friendship and we need supportive emergency buddies to pull us through the odds. Life without love is life without heart and soul. We need love and must work towards nourishing it like we do to a seedling.

How to live a better life: Be true to yourself

Truth makes us dignified and fearless. It gives us courage to fight the odds and conviction to stand for the causes we believe in. So, truth should be thrived on no matter what.

With courage, determination, fearless mind and belief and faith and of course love we can actually make better choices in life and can makes others happy and be happier ourselves.