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Lose Weight?

By breanna on
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Want to lose weight? Me to!

I want to lose weight even though everyone tells me I'm fine how I am and that I'm beautiful just how I am. My advice to this is that if you feel uncomfortable whit you then fix it but if you are comfortable with you then just eat healthy. Eating whole wheat breads in substitute of whole breads is a start. Begin your day with a bowl of Special K cereal instead of instantly thinking toast or a bagel. The less bread you have the better off you are. Potatoes and pastas taste great! But they will kill you diet and weight loss goals. Realistically Diets don't work that's the bottom line. So what is this then? This is not a diet this is regulating your portions and intake of starchy foods. Don't eat and leave yourself hungry, eat until you are full. This is the common number one mistake that people make eating less is not the answer; sometimes eating more is the answer. Eat more but of the right foods. Watermelon and yogurts, bananas and apples are great foods to substitute that craving for fattening potato chips. Fruits and vegetables are a great choice to subside hunger. Meats and water are also great. Try drinking 8 full glasses of water a day and you will find your appetite will decrease drastically. Lastly pop is okay!! Just be sure to drink diet as it has zero calories! To speed up the process of weight loss do exercise. This is the part everyone hates but why? When we say exercise I don't see the words run or sit-ups in there. A brisk 30 min. walk every day will do just fine. It is exercise and it does burn calories. If you want to eventually build up your exercise routine then more power to you but don't be discouraged when you see the word exercise because it's not running a marathon. It's simply something that involves you to move.