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Lost In The Present

By youstumbled on
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Modern life has brought with it a shroud that removes the power of people to see more than only their reality. People become so accustomed to their routine that they begin to hold on to their beliefs too strongly and don't realize that their wrongs could be another persons rights. This inability to stay open to other ideals comes from a lack of perspective.

To know who another person is one must first put away with any judgements they have and attempt to see from their eyes, there's more to this world than people give credit to. Look at a hypothetical college student who has dropped out of his school so he can stay with his girlfriend who's moving across the country. His friends, family, professors, and anyone around him all talk among themselves about what a mistake he's making. They say he's giving up his life and that he'll regret this one day. While that could be true, this could also be the girl he truly loves and marries, while he gets a steady job and they live happily. The point is that no-one knows what's going to happen in life no matter how much they pretend to.

Things are going to happen and nothing can change that because time can not stop. The choices a person makes are either going to make their life better or worse, so these decisions are better left for them to make. People judge when it makes no difference in the world what their opinion is. Reality is unique to everyone in the ways that they make it, and we will never be able to live in a peaceful world until realities can learn to work in harmony.

Try to break from the systematic thought that comes from routine. Going to work and doing your taxes doesn't make your life successful. One day you have to die and when that time comes you will know whether you lived happily or not. Everyone makes an impact on this world and they all have the choice of what kind it is. Look for what's important and take note of it. Take more time out of your day to realize that the person you see walking down the street has experienced things you could never imagine and vice versa. Each love is its own, every laugh is funny for a different reason, and your strengths are never another's.