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Love: A Special Gift For Mother

mardya wandry By mardya wandry on
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Sometime we forget about our parent, especially our Mom. Have you realized sometimes that they had given everything to you (love, money, attention, patience, teach, etc.) to be a successful human in the future? Know when we have reached a good life today; we can’t payback their effort even with money. Right now I would like to write an article about My Mom, because this month is her birthday. I just want to share and express my love to her and implement every word below in real life, before I regret it.

If she has been older than before, you should try to understand and be more patient.

If her clothe is dirty because of food or when she forgets how to wear clothe, do you remember when she was teaching you to wear clothe in the past?

If she told about something that makes you bored, you should try to be more patient and listen to her carefully. Do you remember when you were a kid? She had to reply too many stories so that you can sleep.

If she needs you to help her, don’t ever try to reject or even angry at her. Do you remember, she was struggled to help you to be a successful human?

If she doesn’t understand with a new thing in her life, you should not laugh her. You should think how she was answering each question from you when you still a child.

If she can’t walk again right now, you must hold her hand to support her. Do you remember when you were a child? She always supported you so that you can learn to walk.

If she forgets about any conversation, you should try to give her time and opportunity to remember it. Actually, what was discussed is not important as long as you're listening to her, she will be satisfied.

When you see her getting old and helpless, you should not be sad. Try to understand and support her as she was always supporting you since you start to learn this life. Do you remember when she gives you hints about how to face this life?

Now it is time to accompany your mother to spend her remnant life. Give your love and your patient to your Mom, and then she will give you her beautiful smile for you.

Her smile contains proud, happiness and unlimited love just for you. She will be loved you forever and only death that can separate her love with you.

I can’t repay for your effort in this life, but I will give you everything and accompany you in your old days. I hope it will increase our love to our parent especially for me. I love you Mom.