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Lucky The Cat Thief The Luckiest Cat Alive

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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Meet the luckiest cat alive we had him a couple of days the previous owners called him Bandit, but after a couple of days we had to change his name to Lucky very fast, we found that he was a very curious kitten and he was always getting into trouble. We had a two-story house, he was walking on the out side of the loft, and he lost his footing and fell lucky for him there was a chair sitting below him so he traipsed onto the chair. Then he was playing with an empty Kleenex box and all we heard was meow, meow and then he was bumping into the walls it was funny I wanted to record it but my husband took the box off before I could film it. It reminded me of the scene in Mermaids where the little girl had a pumpkin on her head. Then he was in the spare room where I had just put some purchases, he somehow emptied the bag and ended up being stuck in the bag. He started crying and hissing, he was terrified, it took us a couple of minutes until we could catch him to take the bag off now he is afraid of all plastic bags.

Lucky is a good name for him, he loves water he comes running anytime he hears the water running. We had a guest and we told our guest to make sure to keep Lucky out of his room, because Lucky likes to steal money, paper, coins, credit cards and checks.

Lucky got into his room and took our friends money; our friend did not think the cat would do that, but when it happened, he just laughed while we looked for his money. Well we all had a good laugh.