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You know it'll happen at some point, you bring home a brand new computer it's got the latest technology out there and it works great for let's say 6 months to a year. Than something gets on it or something goes out or you have no clue what the problem is and your warranty expired the day before. Who knows that feeling? Well I myself do and in the past few years of fixing the 2 computers in my home majorgeeks.com has really helped me. As long as I can get online I know someone there will help me with my problem and get me back up and running.

Majorgeeks is a community of computer people, you register online (free), pop in say hello to everyone, post your issue and normally in no time someone has a solution or at least some advice to give you. I got a Vundo virus on my PC last year or the year before and I couldn't do anything with it. I posted on there using my moms computer and someone gave me a list of programs to use, instructions on how to use those programs and how to post log files to the site for others to look at. It was really simple and no one made me feel stupid. I've also asked about issues with my moms computer and they helped me fix that as well.

They have a list of free programs to use like Anti virus, firewall, spyware, adware and malware. A few of the programs I now use that I found out through them and that work really well for me are spybot search and destroy, comodo firewall, HiJackThis, AVG anti virus, super antispyware and malware bites. They work well on a desktop or laptop and I've never had problems with them. I recommend the programs and the site to others I know. If you have computer problems and can get to the internet I'd suggest asking them.