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Managing Hypertension: All It Takes Is Healthy Lifestyle

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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Monitoring Blood Pressure

The long association with my boss, a renowned senior interventional cardiologist, has taught me one thing in life – that managing diseases is not a destination. It's a journey and has to be lived with the best of effort, with a tolerant heart and a cheerful mind.

Any blood pressure reading above 140/80 mm of Hg is alarming and requires medical treatment. This I realised when my father was detected with high BP and had angioplasty done to treat his occluded artery. Dealing with the disease has made us stronger and wiser. Due to my job in the healthcare industry, and being a daughter to a father who suffers from heart disease, I have gained a series of experiences. Sharing some points here, that are important in the journey of managing hypertension or elevated blood pressure.

Once a hypertensive, always a hypertensive. The sooner people realize this, better for the treatment and control. Hypertension is a leading cause of heart disease, so it's advisable to keep it under control all the time.

Less than 120/80 is the ideal blood pressure. Anything above this will require lifestyle modification and proper medical intervention. Appropriate treatment eliminates the life-threatening sequels to hypertension such as heart failure, renal failure, paralysis, brain stroke etc. So, it's essential that we monitor our blood pressure regularly to manage it regularly.

Treatment of hypertension calls for lifestyle modification and proper doses of medication which only a good physician can prescribe. Lifestyle modification includes a proper health regime like changing eating and food habits, and keeping fit physical by regular exercise and workouts.

The ideal diet for hypertension would be low-fat, low-carbohydrate and low in salt food. Basically, the aim should be to eliminate sugar, sweets, butter and fast & fried food.

Smoking triggers hypertension by pushing up blood pressure level and heart rate by releasing adrenaline. So just quit tobacco, and there is no better time than now.

Learning to manage stress at office and home is very important. Work schedules should be interlaced with regular periods of rest and relaxation. Taking regular breaks from work and using this quality time to rest, relax and pursue a hobby is a great thing to do. Any hobby, photography, trekking, painting, etc. work wonders.

My dad today has his blood pressure under check, due to his determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the regular checkups and close monitoring, by both my mom and me.