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Marriage Still Important Today?

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We live in a world with pre-marital sex, teen-pregnancies, abortion, divorce, broken families and out-of-wedlock relationships, and our population is rapidly increasing at a very alarming rate, almost every second.

Does marriage really matter today?

Nowadays, marriage seems to be a thing of the past. This is perhaps because of the “modern trends” and of the “moral decline” from the past. People today are enjoying too much “sexual liberalism”. Sexual relationships seem to be just like a “game” or “pastime” or “just-for-fun” in today’s world.

Sadly, even those who are sincere in their sexual relationships or those who truly value “love” in their relationships sometimes cannot see the necessity of marriage. And some intentionally avoid committing themselves in marriage, in favor of the "freedom" to be with another who may be more "compatible". In reality, there will always be someone who is more "compatible", and there is no such thing as a perfect person or a perfect relationship.

Moreover, to some, marriage is viewed only as a religious ceremony or practice.

So what is really the role of marriage in today’s chaotic world?

By careful examination, the reason for pre-marital sex, teen-pregnancies, divorce, broken families, out-of-world wedlock relationships(or “live-in”), polygamy, etc. is their ignorance or failure to understand marriage.

Most people know, I suppose, that marriage is greatly influenced by religion. Marriage is a sacrament that every loving family and couple should value highly for their entire lifetimes. Sacrament means “sacred moment” so it is an important part of any couple’s life.

But marriage has practical values not only in religion.

Marriage has moral impact. If people will value marriage, they will avoid any “sexual activities outside marriage”, as a result, pre-marital sex will be minimized, as well as teen-pregnancies, live-in partnerships, divorce, concubinism, adultery, etc.. Just imagine what would happen if the Sacrament of Matrimony did not exist. Every woman would have every right to have an affair with any man she likes. Who will accept the responsibility in consequence of “unwanted pregnancies”? That would even lead to rampant abortion.

Marriage has social impact. Marriage brings human sexual nature into proper order. With marriage in place, every married person is admonished not to have affairs with other persons aside from their spouse. Imagine if a man has the freedom to have affairs with any and all women he likes. Who will take care of their offspring? Who will take care of them when they get old? What will happen to the value of the family? The family as an institution and basic unit of society will be ruined.

All these arguments will lead us to conclude that…Yes! Indeed, it is true that marriage is still very important today. While it is true that in reality, even this sacrament is widely supported, sexual relationships outside marriage are still prevalent. But the question is: How much more without marriage?

Marriage is a natural way to preserve the human species, because it sustains a family-based symbiotic environment. Marriage is one of the reasons why mankind has survived to this day.

“What the Lord has put together, let no man put asunder.”

Disclaimer: This article has no intention of offending anyone, in any way. Thanks for reading!