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Married Young

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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It's not so much that I was a bad girl. I think I was just lonely. So it was a really lucky thing for me that the guy I became un-lonely (and intimate) with was actually a good guy.

I was fourteen years old when I became pregnant. I was too afraid to tell anyone - even myself - until I was already beginning to feel life shift inside me and notice real changes to my body. I was already five months along before I even told my boyfriend. After that we were carried along on a wave of our parent's disbelief and fury. We were forbidden to see each other or communicate. I was sent away to live with an aunt, isolated from family and friends. I was expected to deliver my baby and then give him up for adoption.

In my isolation, I bonded with my child - as expectant mothers do. I was unable to imagine giving this little part of myself and my boyfriend away to strangers.

I poured out my feelings in a letter that I had smuggled to my baby's daddy. He showed it to his parents and they showed it to my parents. Miraculously, my letter moved the hearts of all of our parents to allow us to get married and become a family. But the judge in the court where the under aged must apply for a marriage license, thought my parents were crazy to allow it - until they showed him my letter. Permission was granted.

That was forty-five years ago.

Our friends at the time and all of our relatives said we'd never make it. I was barely fifteen when we got married and he was almost nineteen. Looking back, I realize we were super naive, but maybe that was a good thing. If we had known then all we know now, we would probably have been too scared to embark on that journey.

With our familys' help and support throughout the years, we have managed to raise six children and are the proud grandparents, now, of seven beautiful kids.

Believe me when I say that it has not been easy. There have been a lot of hard times along the way, but the love we were given the opportunity to grow over the years has carried us through the best and worst of times.