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Marsdens Beer, Made From Water Passed By The Management!

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Every year, I receive a "Hamper" for want of a better word, which contains not one scrap of food, but a good selection of Beers and some bottles of Liqueur. This is a traditional present at Christmas for me, and one I hope to be getting for a few years yet.

One bottle of Beer I received was by the good old fashioned Marsden's, and this was one I had not heard of before, Marsden's Double Drop. Apparently the name comes from the brewing process used, this is a fermentation technique which gives a fresh bright Beer, bringing out the full flavour of the Malt. The Malt used comes from Maris Otter, which is known as the "King of brewing Barley". The Brewers also add a late application of hops, something I used to do when brewing my own Beer many years ago. The colour is very pale, the taste crisp and refreshing, the strength is 5% Alcohol by volume, which is strong enough, but not too strong. The contents of the bottle equate to 2.5 UK units of Alcohol.

The bottle itself is glass, and surprisingly is made from clear glass, Beer is traditionally bottle using Amber glass, to help protect the brew from the effects of sunlight. The bottles used are also very light, this is done to help the environment. The label gives all the required information, and the "Best before date" is easy to read. The contents are 500ml, or half a Litre. I recommend serving this in a Pint glass.

The top is a Crown Cork, so you will need a bottle opener. The Beer is made in Burton Upon Trent of course, this is the centre of the Brewing industry in the UK, and the water used is so perfect for Beer making, breweries all over the World have tried to imitate it, they call the process "Burtonising" and have had some success, but this brew is made using "real" Burton water.

I can't give you the price as I received it as a gift, and I noticed that my bottle was part of a Multi-pack, so you will probably find it cheaper to buy more than one. I can thoroughly recommend this Beer to all, and I also recommend the Brewery.