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Martha Cove

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Tucked away in a little alcove on port Philip bay is Martha Cove, seated at the foot of Mount Martha, visitors will find the best approach by car via the Nepean Highway along Bruce Road and taking a left hand turn at the first round about.

Three kilometers of board walk down the side of the marina will bring the visitor to the road under pass, Marine Drive. This complex structure consists of a bridge attached to the water way proceeding over the road.giving access to either side of the marina, A lift taking you down in to the depth of the ground and a walk under the marina to the other side, where upon in catching a lift to the surface you may enjoy the delights of Safety Beach and the Sailing Club.

The Sailing Club, Community Centre and the coast guard share the same building, and spread in to different sections of the building, So do come in and enjoy the views from the restaurant, the views are often explained as, un believable and, who would belive you if you painted a picture like that.

Martha Cove is a large harbour with a fare section of boats and yachts coming and going on a regular bases.At this stage the ferry services are not operating, however in time when Port Philip Bay is further developed and ferry services come in to service Martha Cove will certainly become more active with the ferry and Charter boats.

If you bring your own boat, Martha Cove has a large safe inland boat launching area and plenty of car parking, The marina is so large, that even on rough days it is possible to launch your boat and cruse around the marina without facing the difficulties of open water.

Love snorkeling and even a small and private beach, the northern entrance to the marina complemented by cliffs offers a lot to see and experience.

A large range of fish and birds are a delight, though bring your coat on cold windy days. While walking along the board walk we often see fish leaping out of the water and little crabs scuttling between the rocks.

Martha cove is in Safety Beach, now on the Mornington peninsular Victoria Australia.

Heading generally up-stream in the marina, visitors will notice sections of land now closed off. This area consists of large rock pools placed at different heights forming a fish ladder. There is hope that the fish and wild life lost with construction of the marina will return. The local council has funded the works after the marina project collapsed in its construction phase noting that the fish ladder and the lands above the marina are of special significance,