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Match Maker Tv Shows

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TV has become a great entertainment source these days. Radios have been long left by the audience (though some of us still favor it.. lol..) because in some ways audience need some visual entertainment to satisfy their 'hunger'.

Lately it just came to my mind, how these TV stations are competing hard one another in getting more audience so that it would increase their rating and that way they could get advertisers, which are the sources for their income. Reality shows have been one of the ways to lift their rating. One of the recent TV reality shows that attract me is the matchmaker programs. Some of these programs that I watch are 'Take Him Out Indonesia', 'Take Me Out Indonesia' (both aired by our local TV station), 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' (Sony Entertainment), and I even remember an old program by MTV: 'Singled Out'. I watch these programs thinking, how can these people meet up in these shows, trying to get a lifetime spouse in THIS kind of shows? Well, it turns out that some of them finally get there, getting married. But after the marriage, we don't know (though a very small number of the happy marriage are aired to show that they REALLY are meant to each other). Why would people want to join this kind of reality show? If the reasons solely: 'I can't get a spouse or meet my soulmate out there because no one seems to like or love me'. Oh, I can't believe it. Come on, I'm sure enough, that they are loved but maybe they are too picky. See how they look in their appearance, they are not bad at all, some of them even have a good-looking appearance, and have a good career. And so, is that what they are looking for? Some good-looking guys/girls with good careers and jobs? Or they just want to be famous or at least shown on TV? So my big question is: How can they fall in love with the person they just meet, in just minutes? Don't tell me it's love at first sight, please... (because I don't believe much in that.. lol..). I mean, to fall in love you need to know that person, in and out. Well, that's my impression about this kind of shows. I think this show is amusing in some ways, but I guess I'm not that person who would want to join this kind of show. Love needs journey, in my opinion, so you can't fall in love in an instant. But by this kind of program, TV stations are very clever to grab the audience's attention. So, for me this is purely for entertainment, no feelings whatsoever should be involved.