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Modern Meeting Management

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Modern Meeting Management should be planned, have a stated pupose, agenda, and consider the meeting roles for decision meetings. The planning is necessary in order to not waste peoples time on how should come, how much time, and is a meeting the best approach. The purpose is critical to timing and whom are the essential attendees, and decision maker(s). The three purposes can be provide information, make decision(s) or provide training. If it is primarily one of these purposes then it has a distinctly differnt types of meetings. Information meetings should consider distribution of meeting materials before and/or after the meeting. Training meetings should consider if pre homework is required or reccomended. Decision meetings should be clear on the degree of influence the attendees have in influencing the decision maker. Special care in planning should be given to not have a "two headed monster syndrom" as Doyle and Strauss say in their excellent book "How Meetings Work". This syndrom happens when the decision maker also tries to be the meeting process facilitator. Decsion meetings should consider roles like facilitator, decision maker, scribe, required susbject mater experts, and people whom will have to have buy-in in implementing the decision. The agenda should be distributed in advance and include expected timing by agenda topic and include the purpose of the meeting. Modern Meeting Management should also consider technology usage for the three meeting phases: planning, conducting, and follow up. In planning it is common for meeting maker of participants and conference room availability. In conducting the meeting techology may help to make more efficent in VTC some partcipants and in how to conduct better. In closure the techncology used in planning and conducting can make documenting action items and meeting minutes much easier to complete and sometimes have available at the closure of the meeting.

Modern Meeting Management can be considerably more efficent and effective by using advice of this article.