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Mom Campaign

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This article is about a contest I entered my mother into for Kleenex Tissue's "Get Mommed" Campaign. The 8 grand prize winners each will win $5, 000. The winners are chosen from the Top 16 posted on their website.

Kleenex ran this campaign based on all of the moms out there and called it, "Get Mommed", and they even have a commercial that shows a guy trying out different moms. It's an odd commercial and unless you really pay attenion or go to the Kleenex website, you probably wouldn't know what in the world it was about. This campaign has been running for the past few months.

Now when you go to www.getmommed.com, the idea is for people to try out a virtual mom that they could even post to their Facebook page. You create an account, log on and pick the "virtual mom" you like the best. You can set the account to post daily messages to your Facebook page or just opt to have them E-mail you inspirational messages, reminders or other fun things like that. Honestly, I tried it out but my real mom wasn't THAT controlling in constantly sending me reminders about being sick. I understand the whole premise is to promote Kleenex tissues and get you to buy their product during cold and flu season, but I got a little annoyed at the messages each day and honestly didn't want to focus on being sick when I wasn't, so I turned the messages off. But they can be helpful and funny, if you don't mind those kind of posts.

When I found out they were having a contest to find a few moms, I entered my own mother and in the first round, won a case of Kleenex tissues and a Plush Royal Blue Snuggle Blanket Robe worth $75. The tissues are a blessing since I have allergies and pretty much need one around most of the time. So getting a case of large boxes of tissues was cool. I had hoped my mom would have been picked for the top 16 finalists, but she wasn't. But getting the tissues and robe was very cool. I have to admit that I did want a robe like this, but these were specially made for Kleenex and the front pocket has "Kleenex" embroidered in white thread. This robe is the softest robe I have ever had and have enjoyed using it during our unusually cold days here in Florida.

But check out the Kleenex website and also the "Get Mommed" Sweepstakes. The contest to vote for these moms ends on March 11th. The website is: http://www.getmommed.com/RealMomsContest/

The picture I posted is of the case of tissues and robe, on the day the UPS man delivered them. The boxes of tissues are different colors and are now placed throughout my house. Considering I entered this contest just on a whim and actually won these items, I was pretty excited. I only wish my mom had been chosen as one of the Top 16. But I wish the best to the moms being voted on right now.