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Monetizing A Blog

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Aside from social networking sites that people all over the world are really fascinated into, for those interested to earn online blogging is one platform they turn into. I came to know blogging thru TV news wherein a blogger was interviewed and disclosed the endless possibilities of earning thru it. I got interested but the news is not detailed as to how. Fortunately several months after that, a friend of my husband asked me if I am interested to do blogging. As a fulltime housewife who can find ways to earn even at home, why not?

I have accounts on social networking groups like Friendster, Facebook, Twitter and the likes but I cannot earn from those. I appreciate the fact that with those I can meet old and new friends and keep in touch with them but as a wife and mother of two I want to monetize my time if there's a way of course.

First and foremost, you need to have a blog of your own. It can be your own domain or thru free blogging platforms like blogspot, wordpress and the likes. Aside from your personal articles you can deal with several things below that can help to monetize it:

* Paid blogging - Blogger can sign in to different blogger-friendly paid blogging sites like Social Spark, ReviewMe, Sponsored Review, PayPerPost, and the likes. Just beware on some scam sites that religiously do not pay bloggers on their work.

* Advertisements - Blogger can deal on company banners that give commission either on per click basis or per sale basis like CJ.com and Social Spark.

* Link Text - A simple link text can help you earn too like InPostLinks.com.

There are other means to monetize your blog. In helping your blog to have a good Google Page Rank you can sign in to different free directories and SEO tools. If you have Page Rank the better opportunities for your blog to earn.

For others who can afford or have a budget to buy a blog for them much better because in that case you have full control of your space, existence and your earning capacity. Other advertisers are looking for own domain and ignore those free blogs.

Earning online is very promising especially those living in the US. The opportunities are vast for you to take. Happy earning!!!