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More Coffee Dear?

By ladychai on
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If you check on National Geographic you will be brought to the origin of coffee. Whether it is just a legend or history unfolding, it is nice to learn the impact of coffee in the human race.

Coffee has had its share of bad publicities. Many are discouraged to drink coffee because of its adverse effects in health. Poor health practices can cause a lot of problems later on. We do know that caffeine can be addictive and can also lead to sleep deprivation since small intakes of caffeine, like a cup of coffee, can energize a person and if you have not had enough sleep during the night and you take in a cup of coffee everyday to somehow wake you up then chances are your body will not get enough sleep it requires.

But contrary to what once was believed about coffee, recent studies show that coffee can actually be beneficial to our health.

Low doses of caffeine like a cup of coffee a day can actually boost your energy as caffeine can act as a central nervous system stimulant. It can also help with people suffering from depression as it provides you with Beta-endorphins, an analgesic in the body that promotes the feeling of well being and increase one’s relaxation. The more relax you are, the less likely you’d sulk.

Caffeine may also aid in fighting Parkinson’s disease especially for men’s case. Somehow, although inconclusive, it has been deemed that Caffeine has these blocking factors and helps prevent this type of disease in men.

Caffeine can slightly help in losing that extra pounds as well. Caffeine acts as an appetite supressant so if you drink coffee, you will less likely to feel any hunger. Just be careful though as it is not coffee that provides fat as coffee has no fat content and only few calories, it is what you added in your coffee that does. So if you go through starbucks for a Venti size coffee, I suggest, lay off the creams.

Word of truth though, I do believe that caffeine can be good for our health. Just bare in mind not to over drink after all too much of everything destroys everything.