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More Then Just A Companion Pet

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The purpose of a companion pet is to provide companionship and aide to someone with disabilities or is handicapped. These animals provide much more then that to those who depend on them. The type of training needed for the pet is dependent on the needs of the individual.

Specialiazed training is needed for pets which will aide blind, deaf, or severely handicapped people. There are many services out there which will help anyone who is seeking to learn more about companion pets. This article is focusing on the basic needs for those with disabilities and handicapps to have a pet to just be what the title says, "a companion." Although, it will go further to explain that they actually become far more then just a companion.

It has been said that people with pets live longer then those who don't. Have you ever wondered why they say that? It is quite simple actually. They help reduce stress plus much more. They provide tons of joy and give love to owners in a very special way. Ask any pet owner and they will be glad to tell you just how special their pet is and what this pet offers them. Now, if we know they will help the average person, it only makes sense that the benefits for those with disabilities and handicapps would be profound.

Companion pets provide love, companionship, joy, and give these people something to look forward to each day. Many have little else to fill their days with joy. Medical staff, equipment, medications, bed pans, tubes, wires, and the like are to often the most they can expect out of their days. When a dog or other companion pet is given to them, you can see joy where only pain resided before.

As one who owns a dog who was first given to me when I was really sick, I know the benefits first hand of owning a pet. I, also, know the feeling I got when he was first given to me at a time when little joy could be found. He a special little dog who has brought love, laughter, and joy to my life each and every day he has been a part of it. He helped me through the dark dismal days of my illness.

He does not have a pedigree, and he did cost a fortune, but he is more valuable to me then all the money in the world. He is a chiwawa, pomeranian, sitzu mix. He is loved and brings many hours of joy each and every day to my life. After all, that is what is most important.

Update On Jan 09, 2010: Special Note: These types of animals are also referred to as assistent pets...if you need more information, you can visit http://www.cci.org/site/c.cdKGIRNqEmG/b.3978475/k.BED8/Home.htm.

There are others out there. Check with your local handicapped society, centers for seniors, or hospitals for information in your area if you are looking to get a companion pet for someone with a disability or a handicap.