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Most Famous And Beatiful Beach In The World

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A couple weeks ago I take a vacation to the beach. It’s a wonderful place to holiday and enjoy our life. No matter season it is a beach still a prefect place to fun and rest. There are many famous beaches all over the world to pick from. I usually prefer to choose a white sand beach then lava rock beach or maybe will I choose a secluded beach. Well, here they are my summary of some popular beaches in the world:

1. Polo Beach - Hawaii

Most of people must be already know Polo beach, because it’s one of the most popular beaches in the world. Polo beach is a white sand beach, it’s best for swimming and also snorkeling. Well, I actually never go there, but I can imagine that it must be a great place for vacation and I wish someday I could visit the Polo beach.

2. Atlantis- Bahamas

Here, you can undergo the white sandy beach of the Caribbean. I think Atlantis beach is a perfect place for a couple that would like to enjoy their holiday or honeymoon; because the beach will gives you long romantic walks on the beach with friendly tropical climate that will creates your own personal slice of heaven.

3. Miami Beach

A very popular beach, I also love to watch it in the movie (Miami Vice). I think Miami Beach offers great sandy beaches, several restaurants, and night long parties at one local nightclubs. This place is perfect if you are hunting a great place for holiday.

4. Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is the most popular beach in my country Indonesia. This is very popular between the tourists whether local tourists or international tourists. Bali indeed a great island for holiday, especially when actress Julia Robert creates her new movie in Kuta beach a couple weeks ago and enjoyed her trip for a while. The beach is a perfect place for surfing and swimming, and it’s not far away from the Bali international airport Ngurah Rai. So, if you want to see a great sunset impression then Kuta beach can be your alternative place to visit someday.

5. Senggigi beach

I think Senggigi beach is more beautiful than Kuta beach in Indonesia although it’s not as big as Kuta beach. It’s located in Lombok Island near with Bali Island. The beach is full of white sand and beautiful sight along the coast. This is very good place for swimming, snorkeling, or maybe just to find a good place for holiday. Senggigi have many beautiful coral reefs and great marine habitat. The beach also not too crowd as Kuta beach, so I think it is a perfect place for you who need a quite place.

Well, i think that my summary of famous beach in the world. How about you, do you have a perfect and favorite beach? Lets share each other friend. Thank