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My Baby's First Christmas

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Last 2009 had been the year of firsts for my family. First, I gave birth to a lovely baby girl. We held her dedication, we celebrated Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Grandparents' Day. My husband and I celebrated our birthdays with her.

And of course, there is Christmas!

Christmas is a big thing for us Filipinos. And I want my baby to enjoy her first Christmas!

She was already 9.5 months old when Christmas came. Earlier in the month, I made sure that our bedroom (yeah room, not home because we don't have one) had decors. Just a small tree and some golden balls that I put up on a shelf because we don't have a lot of space in the room.Then I cleared the area just so I can put her gifts around the tree.

As the month went by, people gave gifts to our baby. Some of them were wrapped, some of them were not. I took the effort to wrap the unwrapped presents for my baby to open.

When Christmas eve came, we went to church and there, the kids were given loot bags. My baby enjoyed her first loot bag!

Then we went home, got her into new pajamas that an aunt gave her and went to bed. The next day when she woke up, we settled her in the middle of our bed and put the presents in front of her. She had a field day opening them! What fun it was to watch her rip the wrapper. In the afternoon, we then had our first Christmas pictorial.

Christmas is indeed for the kids and for the kids at heart. My daughter truly enjoyed her first Christmas, as evidenced in the pictures that were taken in the latter part of December. We looked forward to this occasion and prepared for it and made it truly special for her.