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My Boss Was Making Out With His Employees Behind Closed Door

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Office politics are always intriguing, especially when it has to do with cheating. My manager at a famous retail store Ross was married, but to an overweight woman. The office was in Costa Mesa California, South Coast Plaza. People there were nice but I just didn’t know that my boss was a crook, and a double standard kind of person. He would always push us to work hard and to get everything perfect when he in fact was never perfect himself. He would never say that my work was good enough and he would never let me go home in time. He always flirted with the employees but he sounds decent at the meeting room. I wouldn’t want to be his wife or his employee or his employer after what happened and I believed they never took action on him.

I always had a good impression of him. I always thought that he was a good manager but I was wrong. He was never a good manager. I had a terrible boss and I didn’t even know it. I felt sorry for his wife, who visit him regularly and didn’t even know that he was cheating on her. This one particular co-worker of mine was very flirtatious. She showed up to work showing her tight skinned behind. It was humongous. I guess someone at my workplace didn’t mind. She was seen flirting my boss all the time. I always thought that it was innocent but I guess not. There is something about them that just wasn’t right because we always caught them making out in the locked office and when we knock on it, they would always open it and pretend like nothing happened and I’m pretty sure nothing ever happened.

They continued to do the things that they did and one day they were caught making out. Worse enough, my boss was caught molesting an employee who was in his office because she was really sick. She was passing out and he felt her up and asked her if she was feeling good. She then recalled what happened after she got out of her illness and calls the hotline and reported him. She reported him and he left his job but they didn’t fire him. He resigned. I guess things like this happens all the time and people get married to their spouse at work. Love and drama is plenty at the workplace. You will always be able to find a hot story in any office. There are worse stories out there. I just hope that employers have rules against these types of things in their workplace and enforce it and at least make the office in a way that is hard for people to make out at work or do the dirty deeds.