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My Guilt Trip

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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Positive attitudinal changes, brought about with my affirmations have made me get through some of the bleakest moments in my life. This has also helped in many ways to deal with the shortcomings in my life stream. There are still many aspects, I admit, that require serious brushing up and changing. Total metamorphosis is virtually impossible, and when I say that I have appraised myself, it's just my sincere endeavor which has brought about the changes.

I do have many limitations, a lot actually. I am not adequate, but I never cease working on those. Here are a few points that I need to work on seriously.

I love neatness, clarity and cleanliness

I have always believed that there is nothing wrong in being neat, especially when I am not a cleanliness freak (my mom sometimes feels so though). I do feel that my fixation with a clean surrounding restrains me from experiencing many magic moments of life. I realize now, that doing the chores could have waited, but not the dew drops or the magic rainbow! Even though I have nearly come out of that fascination of cleanliness, I am not done with it still.

I am an internet junkie

The internet has given me a chance to explore my true capabilities, talent and my aspirations. It has been greatly therapeutic as well. Still, I feel that I am too much into it! I socialize more on the internet than in reality. I have more good friends on the internet than otherwise. I tend to escape from the guests at home and put the whole burden of entertaining them on my mom and take recluse in my laptop. I love seclusion in real life, only to get submerged in the virtual population of billions. My internet time has increased considerably and I very nearly eat, sleep and live in the virtual world. Obviously, once in a while, I need to take a break from the virtual world and enjoy the sun and the showers. The sooner I do that, the better.

Most obviously, I want to live a little more in the real world. I should be making some good friends and meeting some wonderful people, which I would really consider as my privilege. At the same time, I want to do more Water Tasks. I have always been very poor at socializing, and I know I am not going be a star among the crowd, but still I need to make a substantial endeavor.

I am fearful of animals

I am quite fearful of most of the feline creatures, and hence try to keep away from them. I am not disrespectful towards them, but I would find it difficult to hug or cuddle them. I have taken sincere measures to have their lives secure and I would do anything that would help conserve them. But, honestly, I am frightened of these beautiful, lovable creatures. I am really working hard on this.

I am a thorough and uncompromising worker

I am very thorough and uncompromising with my job, and many a time my over-involvement and dedication, gets me alienated from my true self. My compulsions seem to eat up my me-time and this makes me miss many lovely moments in life. And I am left with more I-should-have-been moments.

I have some more to share and will take you on more of my journey.