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My Homemade No Bake Cake And Mango Tango

iceprincess By iceprincess on
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I enjoyed preparing refrigerated cake at home for dessert and as cake for simple occasion. It is easy to prepare and you would not need many measuring utensils and the like. I often use Graham Crackers and Nestle Crème and flavored it with whatever available fruits at home or sometimes with chocolate and mallows. In preparing the cream filling, I made sure that Nestle Crème was kept first in the refrigerator to achieve the right thickness when unpacked. Some I know add condensed milk to make the cream sweeter but for me the natural sweetness of whatever fruit mixed is just right to my taste. My favorite fruits were mango or peach. If I do not have fruits at home, I just mixed a little of mango puree to the cream. In a square or rectangular pan, arrange the crackers to fill the area. Spoon some cream and spread it to cover the crackers, not too thick because the cake might fall when cut, nor too thin that you cannot taste the cream. Then cover it with another layer of crackers. I usually create 3 to 4 layers of crackers before the last cream topping. If I have plenty of fruits I put some with the cream between layers. If I only have limited slices, I just place it on top.

After an afternoon shopping, I tried Mango Tango for dessert at Amici. A slice of cake is also available if you just like to have a taste of it. The presentation was enticing because of generous amount of ripe mango cubes and mango syrup on top with icing decoration that circled around the mangoes. It has three layers of thin cookies or crackers with cream in between. The second and third layers of crackers were soft while the base or the first layer was still a bit crunchy even when moistened by the cream and it makes the texture of the cake more exciting . The cream is not too sweet. The sweetness of ripe mango, cream and cookies combined is great.

I will try using the chocolate cookies I baked as base or crust the next time I prepared my refrigerated cake, and the cookie size to be as big as the pan. Although the preparation will be longer and not as easy as usual because baking cookies takes more time and effort.