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My Life And Family

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My Grandfather's Last Christmas '09

Growing up I guess I had it hard. No mom or dad, no trips anywhere, seeing what the poor side of life is like. My grandparents were a little on the poor side, but we have always had a home and food, but no pleasure trips, just important ones. We still had fun on Christmas, and every other holiday throughout the years, and life was still the best. I sit here writing this knowing it will never go back to the same that it was when I was growing up. Eighteen years of living life to the fullest, or to the fullest possible, with my grandparents trying to keep up with two youngsters while they were in their sixties, and seventies. Papa always let us get away with the small things, until it got annoying. He always knew just how to discipline us, and made sure he saw us through to a full life of adulthood. In September we lost him to a death many know of. Cancer.

I was always ready to lose him, until it happened. I guess everyone wishes Cancer would disappear. It has effected most every family in the world alone. We gave him the best health care in our state, but I guess it still was not enough. He lived to the age of 76 years old, and completed his last goal in life and that was seeing my sister and me fully grown up. The Cancer in his body was slowly taking over, but he fought it long enough to see his last birthday, Christmas, and New Year. The year I turned 18, he passed. We miss him very much, and try to move on with our lives, but Christmas is coming up, and last years Christmas is still strong in our minds. It is really different to not see a gift for him underneath our tree.