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My Mother's Management Recipes

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A Few Life Management Lessons that I Learned from My Mom

My mother never really had a set of rigid dos and don’ts, such as many mothers do. Not really a strict disciplinarian or an austere task master, she has always led by example. We were privileged to enjoy all the freedom in childhood, yet we never quite got off the hook. We were free and individualistic, yet controlled by the invisible values and disciplines of our mother.

Now, as a grown up, when I sit down and remember several incidents that had a great impact on me, I find that it is mostly because of this amazing lady who made sure that we got our space and firmness strongly rooted. Yes, we are strongly righteous and still grounded for every reason big or small. My mom implanted a series of management lessons in us since childhood which have made us what we are today, most certainly.

We used to crib about not being able to to do our bit for a greater cause, for the underprivileged and for the people who need help. It would be a question of time or not knowing where to start. On the other hand, my mother is always giving to the needy in whatever way she can. And she never tells us that she did. She never grumbles, complains or sighs when people ask for help - she only does. She makes sure that our kitchen has enough food for three-four extra people, she makes sure that she has enough medicines and first aid supplies to share, and makes sure no one leaves her house sad, upset and hungry.

* Each one of us can do, and anytime and any place is a good enough to start off

My father is a civil engineer and he used to get transferred to various places, which left my mom never quite settled in one place for a long time. My mother got used to this, and we would find her making the place liveable within available means. Cleaning, rearranging, planting trees, starting kitchen gardens, starting associations with people around and being with them when they needed her - she accomplished all of that. Towards the end of the tenure, she used to be as active as ever and when the packing was almost done she made sure no place was left unclean and improper.

* Leave any place as beautiful as you have found it

One of the things that I have always tried to follow is my mother's habit of not criticizing. She is never judgmental and she always tries to give people the benefit of doubt. She is zealous and always productive. Yes, she is a dynamic task co-ordinator, who does not get her work done through overbearing means or criticism. She leads by example.

*Criticism increases hatred and acts as an impediment towards our potential and growth

I often wonder in amazement, at the efficient and planned ways in which she would go about doing her day to day activities. She would have everything done by bed time and still have time in between to watch her favorite TV shows or spend time with her plants. Procrastination is not her word and she lives by prioritizing and is living life her way.

*Procrastination is a deterrent in life and prioritizing is the key to happiness.

These are few of the management lessons she practices and we thrive on, and there are many more facets, that I will keep unfolding in due course.

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