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My New Year's Eve Traditions

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Everyone has their own tradition for New Year's Eve/New Year's day. When I was a kid, our tradition was to sit around the television watching movies and munching. I made my famous seafood salad, we also had fried octopus bits or braunschweiger dip on crackers. My parents would share a bottle of wine, we kids (my 3 sisters and I) would have sparkling grape juice. Afterwards, we would play The Dictionary Game while we rang in the new year.

Let me stop and explain the Dictionary Game. This is a game our parents made up for long trips. One person has the dictionary and looks up a long word (we were kids, "long" was more than six letters). The other players have to write what they think that word means. All the players then hand in all their definitions to the "judge" (usually my mother or father, whoever wasn't driving). The judge would decide which one of the definitions was closest, and that player wins the round. The prize was usually a day off from having to do chores!

I'm married now, and traditions have changed. I can no longer make my famous seafood salad or have octopus bits on crackers because my husband is allergic to all fish and seafood. (Can't very well kiss him at midnight with fish breath, that would likely put him in the hospital!)

These days, sometimes we have guests, sometimes not. When we do, we go out on the town and celebrate by having a few drinks (one of the group will volunteer to be the designated driver). When we're alone... well okay, we have a few drinks! But we have them at home where it's safe. We call friends and relatives at midnight to wish them Happy New year. Then we watch a movie and go to bed.

Whatever your New Year's Eve/Day tradition, here's hoping it's safe and memorable!