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My Old School Snes Video Games

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In the late 80's, I got a Nintendo Entertainment System, or more commonly known as NES. That little gem was the bomb to me back then. However, I only had two games; three if you count one was a two-in-one. Eventually, I moved on and out of my parents' home and the old NES was packed away for safekeeping.

In my twenties, I started dating this guy. He was a big gaming freak and owned a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, aka SNES or just Super Nintendo. We would spend hours playing Donkey Kong Country while our friends were out hitting the honky tonks. This was not the most productive time of my life nor did it kindle the relationship. We broke up.

The break up left a hole in my heart. I was at a loss for what to do on my off hours. I went right to Wal-Mart and bought myself a Super Nintendo for 99 bucks. It was the Donkey Kong Bonus pack, so I got my beloved Donkey Kong Country with the console. The games cost a pretty penny, so that game was the only one until I could save up to buy more.

Well, Nintendo 64 came out and I only gathered enough funds to purchase a handful of cartridges before they quit making SNES games. I had enough games to satisfy my gaming urge and become quite knowledgeable of the selection I owned. Donkey Kong 1, 2 and 3, Yoshi's Island, Uniracers, and Super Mario All Stars rounded up my inventory.

After I became a mother for the first time, my daughter inherited my SNES and I swore to her it was better than any Playstation could pretend to be (we could not afford to upgrade). In order to prove my case, I began searching high and low for old school Super Nintendo games. I went to pawnshops, flea markets, and game exchange shops. The games I found either did not work properly or were in poor shape. Someone suggested I try eBay, which proved to have a wealth of every SNES game you could fathom.

Every Christmas I bought games to stuff in her stocking. However, the older she got the more she complained about dumping the old school system and upgrading. Then I had my second daughter. The time came for me to pull the system out of her room and teach the little one how to play.

Talk about a chore. Did you know six month olds do not have manual dexterity? Needless to say, they want to put everything in their mouth. Persistence paid off and I finally got the little one playing SNES like a pro. At two years, she could almost play Donkey Kong Country better than me.

Now we have quite the selection of Super Nintendo games (about 44 cartridges). My favorites are still found in the first selections I had with the system, which two have since been replaced due to over use. I have developed an affinity to a few other more complicated RPG (role-playing games) like Legend of Zelda and Illusion of Gaia.

About once a year, I get the urge to add to my collection. This year I added a few games and the nifty RARE storage case you see the console sitting on in my pictures. I had to have the storage because the collection had outgrown my original storage drawer, which is generic and does not fit the cartridges too well.

Collecting the SNES stuff has been fun for me, so much fun that I sold my older NES system on eBay just to help support my habit. I got about 50 bucks for it, in case you were wondering (about what I paid for the storage). It is a thrill to seek out just the right game for the right price. It is even better when you get that game complete with the packaging, manual, and inserts.

My oldest daughter and husband ask me often if I will ever want to join the now revolution and get rid of the old school system. I just shake my head at them because they just do not understand. Beside that, what would the girls and I do when we have the urge to erase all the saved games and challenge each other to a “high score” match?

I would have never guessed all those years back that I would enjoy my SNES collecting as much as I do. I am sure other collectors of different items feel just like me about their collections. Now, if you will excuse me, I hear Kong calling my name…