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My Survey A Dependable Way To Earn A Few Dollars

Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I have been a member of MySurvey.com for about 10 years. Over that time period I’ve been able to give an opinion on a number of interesting topics, and have earned over $255. You won’t get rich, but this is certainly more than the sites where you earn 3 cents a day for looking at things that don’t interest you.

MySurvey has been in the research survey business a lot longer than many such sites. While many of the surveys pay only a nickel or a dime, there are usually several each month. And there are occasionally surveys that pay several dollars. You are notified by email that a survey is waiting, told how much it is worth, and an approximate time needed to complete it. You can generally figure about a penny a minute. So a survey worth a nickel will be very short. Sometimes after you complete a short survey you are told that you qualify for a longer one and asked if you would like to take part. Don’t neglect completing surveys for more than a couple of days because they will expire.

They currently pay only by paper check which takes several weeks to process, so this is not a way to collect a small stash that you can call on quickly for a rainy day. But I usually cash out when I’m around $50, and in a few weeks I get a nice check.

There is another option, to donate your earnings to charity, and many people choose to do this. There are several nationally-known charity partners, and if you want your earnings to be sent to one of those, it’s very easy to make a selection.

In addition to rewards for completing surveys there are always on-going sweepstakes where you earn points that can be cashed in at the same rate as the surveys: one point = one penny. Every day they give away 10, 000 points (yes, $100) to someone who has logged in that day. I wish I could say that I have won this, but I never have! There are also monthly sweepstakes and various special ones. The names and pictures of some winners are posted, with their comments.

I’ve signed up a several survey sites over the years, but this one has been the source of more income for me than any of the others.