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My Worst Cheating Story

elvyra By elvyra on
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Everyone has their cheating story and I do too. I just like cheating story because they're so fun, and so devastating to read. I think it also offer us some experience and how we can avoid dating terrifying people like this in the future. I have been cheated on by a few people. I wasn't that angry since the relationship is not that happening anyways. I would be more angry if I was really in love but I wasn't really in love with those people anyways. I like them but I wasn't that crazy about them.

One time I dated a guy who was living with his girlfriend. We dated casually but it wasn't anything serious and it was only my second date with him. I find out soon enough and I was glad that I did or else I would have make a fool out of myself for so many time. This guy was a criminal and just a horrible person overall. I still see him sometimes but he's just another perpatrator and I feel really sorry for some of the girls that date him. He's not a good guy in general. He thinks women are just sex objects and he was really aggressive sexually.

I met him while I was off from work. He talk to me and he got my numbers. He then ask me out. We went out for dinner and movies. This was the first date and everything was great. I thought that I like him but not until what you will find out next. The next date we went to the beach. While we were there, we were somewhat happy. He was standing at the beach talking on the phone with his girlfriend but I didn't know that. He talk to her for awhile but I couldn't guess who it was. He then hangs up. We went home after our date.

I called him at his house number, and I don't know why he would give it to me anyways. A girl picked up the phone and I was startle. I asked who she was to him and she stated that she was his girlfriend. I was angry and told her that I went out with him today so how could that be. We were both angry with him. I asked her to meet me so we could talk some more. I saw her in front of her house. She was a doll, thin and look like a barbie. We talk for awhile and then we saw that he drove home. He called her on the cell phone and ask her to come inside or else he would use his gun. He was really angry. I found out that she ran away from home and that he took her in. I guess she was needy. They live together. She told me that she would move out but she didn't after a couple of days of me checking up on her. I recently saw him with a different girl. I think she probably moved out later on. I was devastated that I dated such a criminal but I learned from my mistake and I will never date such a person again.