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Nail Polishes By La Colors (Simple Black & White Nail Art)

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Going to a nail salon to have your nails done could be very pricey these days. The cost starting from $20 and that's not including the tip money. In this video, I'm showing you how to do your own nails (just like the pro's). By doing your own nails, you could save a lot of money (assuming the cost is $20, if you have to get them done once a week, that's $80 you could save!).

The design I'm doing in this video is very simple for everyone to do. You don't have to be an expert to do this design (practices make perfect). I chose black and white as the colors because these colors will match any outfits and ocasions. Feel free to do it with any color of your choice to match your outfits or style.

Now on to the details of the nail polishes that I'm using in this video. The nail polishes I'm using in this video are from the Color Craze collections and Art Deco Nail Art collections by LA Colors . I chose this brand because they are very affordable. I bought mine for $1 each at my local dollar store. The quality is also pretty good for the price. The colors I'm using in this video are Circuits (black) for the Color Craze Nail Polish and White for the Art Deco Nail Art. What I love about the Color Craze collections by LA Colors are the intensity of the colors and the quality of the brush it comes with. The brush is almost the same type of the ones that come with OPI nail polishes (only with a fraction of the price). And my favorite thing about the Art Deco Nail Art collections is how the precision brush makes nail art fast and easy. You can make thin lines, any designs, or drawings on your nails!

Step by step on how to do this simple design:

1. Start off with clean nails. Apply black nail polish (or any color of your choice) to your nails.

2. Using the white Art Deco Nail Art polish (or any color of your choice), draw three diagonal lines from each corner of your nails.

3. Repeat these steps to your other hand.

4. Voila! All done! :)

I hope this review and tutorial will be able to help you. Thank you for reading and watching the video! Don't hesitate to send me message if you have any questions... :)