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Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars

By joey on
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I just ran to B.J.'S warehouse for some errands and saw these interesting looking trail mix bars by Nature Valley. I was torn between them and some fiber one bars that I know I like. I decided to be adventurous and buy the Nature Valley product. I kind of figured that these would taste all right but probably not sensational. As I was on my way out the store I became very curious and opened the box and got one out to try it. When I did boy was I surprised. I would have to honestly call the taste sensational. My exact words were ; now thats a great decision! They come plentiful also. There are 30 bars in the box and each one is about 1.2 ounces. Looking over the nutritional key on the box yielded this information. They are 140 calories per bar. Saturated fat was not bad and comes in at 0.5 g. Total fat 4g. Zero cholesterol, 65 mgs of sodium, 2 g of fiber, 3g of protein. The worst thing I saw on there was the 13 g of sugar. All though I have seen far worse I would prefer that number to be a little lower anyway. I wanted something that would be a fairly healthy snack and something that I could keep on hand around the house and at work. These will fill that need just fine. The only problem one might for see with these is you may have to exhibit some strength to not eat more than one at a time. They are actually that darn good!!! Now lets get into the pricing. I paid 8.39 for a box of 30. I consider that pretty darn good. Most likely if these are in the regular supermarkets they come in a much smaller box and probably no where near as good of a deal price wise. These consist of cranberries, peanuts, raisins, soy, sunflower ingredients and almonds etc. They have also said there are now more nuts and fruits in these which is a fairly recent improvement. These are a product of General Mills. I love these and would recommend them to anyone who wants a pretty healthy snack or something good for us folks who are constantly on the go. These are a great product!