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Netflix: A Movie Lover's...Love

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Netflix has recently gained a large number of customers. It's expansive library of movies and TV shows gives you the opportunity to see films you remembered a child, films you have never seen before, films you never knew existed, and a lot of films that you'll wish you had never started watching. Netflix gives its users two options: Stream movies online instantly, or have movies sent to a home address. The quality of picture for streaming instantly is actually very good, and loads very quickly. Some movies and TV shows are even presented in HD. In order to stream movies instantly to your TV, you must have a specific device, such as Apple TV, XBOX 360, PS3, Wii, and other devices that are available at Walmart, Best buy, or any electronics store (Best Buy is great too).

When having movies delivered to your home, you can pick from a very expansive movie library online. Sometimes, but not very often in my experience, some movies won't be available (because of DVD shortages). But when it comes to picking a movie for streaming instantly, your options are cut down drastically, and the quality of movies drop as well. And I mean Actor/Director quality. There are some very good films to be found on instant streaming, but the majority of films available look like the director was unprofessional, or the budget was funded by a lemonade stand. Some of these films, especially the horror films, are actually entertaining (just because of how ridiculous they are But Netflix does a great job at offering very specific genres to help you find the film you want to watch. Romantic Comedies, Campy Horror movies, even Independent films can be found on Netflix. Old Western films and over-dramatic black and white films are available for the older generation, and there are plenty of films and television series for children like Spiderman or The Smurfs. I personally enjoyed watching some of the older mystery series like Matlock or Columbo. Netflix has classic films like The Sting and Casablanca, or you can watch recently released (to DVD) movies like Iron Man 2. You can see films you have recently watched, as well as other movies that Netflix thinks you will be interested in based on the films you have watched previously. There is a rating system that Netflix has set in place (using a 5 star point system), however I have found that they ratings are fairly inaccurate, and some very good films have been given poor ratings. Although this is completely up to the viewers taste.

It is good to know that you can find almost any film on Netflix, so long as it's shipped to your house. Netflix movies generally arrive within 1-2 days, and when you have finished watching them you can send them back. After creating an account with Netflix online, you will also have the ability to create a list of films, so that once you send a movie back in the mail, the next film on your list will be automatically sent. You can add, drop, or rearrange your list after you have created it. Netflix is only eight dollars a month, and can be a great gift too!