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Nibble Without Guilt

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Snacking in between meals can be habit forming. There are times that we just want to munch even when we are not hungry. However, if you cannot break the habit of nibbling and snacking, it is advisable to eat sensibly and know what is good for you.

There are lots of snacks and nibbles to choose from. Here are some of the suggestions that even your dietitian or family doctor will agree with.

1 A piece of fruit;

2 Small fruit pack in natural juices which is available in supermarkets;

3 Fruit smoothies like a piece of banana, skim milk or low fat milk, a couple of spoon of low fat yoghurt or a scoop of low fat ice cream. Blend together.

4 Vegetable kebabs/skewers;

5 Poached egg on toast - wholegrain bread or wholemeal bread;

6 Raisin toast

7 Wholegrain toast topped with low-fat cheese;

8 Wholegrain toast topped with few slices of avocado. Remember to limit your avocado to few slices as it contains high amount of fat. However, avocado can be part of your healthy diet as it contributes good fat;

9 Popcorn (airpopped) - plain salted;

10 A handful of plain or salted pretzels or nuts. The rule specified about avocado is also applicable to nuts. Nuts contain good fat. It should be eaten in a small amount;

11 Low fat muesli bar that can be bought from the supermarket;

12 Light, low fat or fat-free custard or yoghurt;

13 Raw vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumber or green beans or blunched broccoli or cauliflower. These can be served and eaten with low-fat dips;

14 Flatbreads can be eaten as they are or you can toast them or bake them until they are crispy and crunchy.

There are heaps of good snacks like the aforementioned if you look intently at the supermarket shelves or in the green grocer. However, before you nibble you should ask yourself first if you are really hungry or you are just bored. Some people tend to eat when they are bored or depressed. If you feel like nibbling, try to drink a glass of water first as sometimes the feeling of thirst can be mistakes as feeling of hunger. After drinking water wait for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are still hungry, then, that's the time you get a healthy snack to nibble on.

Also, having a good, healthy and well-balanced meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will satisfy your tummy will save you from getting hungry in between those meals. It is a must that you don't skip those meals so as not to starve yourself and make you crave for more food.