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No Child Left Behind

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Children with disabilities, such as Autism have come along way in the school system, but many have not. Many of the schools and teachers are so misinformed about these children and how to help them in their schools. They are looked and classifled as either being underdeveloped or having behavorial problems. The school system needs to understand these children have disabilities, "BooBoos You can't see"

My experience includes a grandson with Aspbergers, who has been made fun off by the teachers orally, thus the kids copy this. The kids look at him like he's strange, even though he looks just like them. He's been removed from the room, and had to study by himself. He had to eat lunch by himself, and was not allowed to go on field trips. We believe he was forgotten about because he was not in the room, even though he is listed as a student in that class. We highly questioned all the schools reasons for the above, and were told they knew what was best.

It's taken 5 yrs of his school life before we were able to get him into a middle school that has teachers that know what they're doing. These teachers consult with the family often and understand our concerns. They have included my grandson in these conferences, so that he understandes whats going on. His suggestions are also taken into account. He' s become an "A" student and for the first time he'll tell you he likes school and all his teachers.What he doesn't understand is why the lower grade teachers and staff didn't help him more! This is the time where children grow and want to learn, and need extra help to progress. "No Child Left Behind" isn't working in our school systems, when it takes up the first 5 yrs of one childs life.