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No, Music, No Industry, No Latino.

Erie Fuentes By Erie Fuentes on
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The music industry in Los Angeles is a big and interesting place to work or to be part of it in any way, for someone is a way of life and for other it's only late parties, women and drugs. May be these are subjects in the world of the African American, Caucasian Community with talented minds.

But what happen in the Latino music industry, if there such of thing? We are far behind to meet those requirements, those expectations of being a power voice in the area. And I'm talking on this side of the border, I'm talking here, where we live, where our generations are growing up with new beats, new sounds, new faces and we don't see new talent in "our industry".

Is it because of the piracy that has generated a 30% profit of illegal sales in a whole country as Mexico, central and south America, or maybe is because the internet for letting people do so much free downloads every seconds, or the "big" record labels don't want to take the risk on sing new artist and spent money on them, or may be because radio station don't want to play new local artist? I will say all of the above.

Once again, I repeat, I'm talking about where we live, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, where the big cities don't care about what people really want to hear, they only care about the ratings, sales, and money for their own companies and how they going to get them, but that's another story.

I can spend here hours making a list of why we are not a united community, and will never be until we learn to help each other, sending a massage to all those "In power", help the people that you are broadcasting your product and you will get better results.

Once I heard somebody saying: "We can't play local artist because nobody knows them in Mexico, they are not famous there and they won't give us any ratings".

My respond to that will be: Do you want the ratings from Mexico or from LA?

Erie Fuentes