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Notre Dame Football An Overview

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"Were gonna go inside, were gonna go outside, inside and outside. Were gonna get 'em on the run boys and once we get 'em on the run were gonna keep 'em on the run. And then were gonna go go go go go go and were not gonna stop til we get across that goal line. This is a team they say is....... is good, well I think were better than them. They can't lick us, so what do you say men?" - Knute Rockne, Notre Dame Head Coach

The famous halftime quote by Knute Rockne gives every college football fan the chills. What seemed to be centuries ago, the famous Notre Dame Fighting Irish step in front of the spotlight in the college world. Tied with the most national championships and Heisman winners, Notre Dame is remembered for their rich history and pride. But in present day 2010, how is Notre Dame now?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are a proud 4-3 record under the new head coach Brian Kelly from Cincinnati. For the past six years, Notre Dame was in an era of distress, misery, and humiliation. With Charlie Weis from the famed New England Patroits, Weis has been the blame for the Irish's slump. With Weis's guidance, the Irish had a 35-27 record. But some may say that this record presents a tease, a foolish stat. This is said because of Weis's embarrassing BCS bowl loses with Brady Quinn, who turned out to be a disappointment in the NFL. Also, with the new Jimmy Clausen as quarterback, a 5 star recruit from Florida, Weis's Irish put Clausen through hell. Clausen's best season was 7-5, winning the Hawaii Bowl. This did not suffice with the Notre Dame organization, so that's when they decided the program needed a change.

In 2010, a new era was supposed to immerse. After a lot of controversy of who is could be, Brian Kelly stood out more that the rest of the contenders. Kelly in 2009 was the Cincinnati Bear's head coach. No one expected anything from this team, but the Bears showed the public that they can have a undefeated season under Brian Kelly. After winning the Coach of the Year award (Brian Kelly), Notre Dame jumped on the free opportunity. Kelly accepted the job shortly after the winning of the award.

Kelly now has a new team with a brand new quarterback after Clausen skipped his senior year and went to bigger and better things. Also, Golden Tate, one of Notre Dame's famed wide receivers who won the Fred Biletnikoff Award his last year with Notre Dame, left with Clausen to the NFL. So Kelly was left with Dane Christ and young wide receivers for the 2010 season.

The first game at the beautiful Notre Dame Stadium with Touchdown Jesus overlooking was very enlightening. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish faced Purdue for the first game of the season. Well, Brian Kelly's heroes pulled through and defeated the Boilmakers 23-12. This looked like an amazing season for the Irish coming up.

Unfortunately, the Irish rally stops when Notre Dame loses to Michigan at Notre Dame Stadium. With the speed Denard "Shoelace" Robinson, the Irish couldn't contain the face paced quarterback. Notre Dame loses a tough one, 28-24.

Notre Dame would then try to shake off the tough loss to Michigan and go on the road to face the 2-0 Michigan State. Michigan State was a very under rated team at this time, and they grind out a win against the Irish 34-31. Michigan State was down 31-28 with around 5 seconds left in overtime when they decided to go into field goal formation and attempt a 46 yard field goal. Unexpectedly, the Michigan State Spartans run a play called "Little Giants" and the field goal formation turns into the holder throwing a pass to the tight end on a fly pattern with no one on him for a game winning touchdown. With the crowd going crazy, Brian Kelly, disappointed of his tripped defender, takes his headset off in disbelief and walks to shake hands with the Michigan State players and faculty. A heartbreaking loss for the Irish once again, on the road at Michigan State.

After two losses in a row Notre Dame looks to bounce back and hopefully upset the undefeated Stanford Cardinals, who was ranked #16 coming into the game. Notre Dame plays awful and loses badly 37-14 at home.

Already a 1-3 record with a three game losing streak for the Irish, Notre Dame needs a stroke of luck, maybe "Luck of the Irish". Well, Notre Dame received their prayers and win three straight against Boston College, Pittsburg, and Western Michigan.

Now Notre Dame with a three game winning streak is 4-3. Could the Irish win out as Kirk Herbstreit stated on the Week 6 Gameday? These questions find the future for the Irish, and as a long time viewer and a die-hard fan of Notre Dame, I say that Notre Dame will NOT win out and go 8-4 with a loss to USC. I believe that a bowl win will give the Irish momentum to the upcoming seasons.

I believe that Brian Kelly will have a long and fulfilling season with the Irish and win 2 National BCS title. But this is simply a hypothesis. Could Kelly produce a Heisman quarterback or a NFL stud Joe Montana? Could Kelly have a heartwarming "Rudy" walk on and make a game-ending sack?

"......And the Notre Dame Fighting Irish takes the field, bells a ringing, crowd a yellin', and man those 'rish! Running out of that tunnel; what a vision, a wish 'eh?"