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Nurturing Our Child's Natural Talents

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Parents have the tendency sometimes to become pushy as to their children's activities. Kids as young as two or three years old should be allowed to discover things and let them develop their interests, talents and skills the natural way.

I was in my son's swimming lesson last week where one of the boys in the same lesson was throwing tantrums. The lesson was only thirty minutes and there were three of them in that class. The boy was not able to do anything in the pool as he was crying and wanted to get out of the pool. The teacher did not push him to participate but the mother was upset and was telling the boy that he will get a smack if he won't stop crying. I was shocked.

The teacher talked to the boy's mother and asked if the boy had enough sleep or good breakfast. The mother said "maybe he is tired because he had music lesson last night and I brought him to Playschool this morning for a couple of hours". Understandably, the boy was tired and just wanted to rest. The teacher told the mother that those activities maybe too much for the young boy as he is only three years old. The mother ended up withdrawing her son from the swimming lesson.

I remembered my dad who enrolled me to a piano lesson when I was 10 years old. I was pressured in a way that I wanted to please him. I tried my best to learn the piano but it was just not for me, and so I gave up.

When my daughter was just seven months old, I got so excited when she got the chance to be on the cover page of a magazine. I thought perhaps that when she grow up she will get into modelling or something related to it. My daughter loves it whenever she sees the magazine now that she's five years old, although she does not even like the idea of being a model. That's alright. There is still a long way to go for this girl to develop what she wants to do and engage into something that will allow her creativity and gift of talents to surface and develop.

Our kids should be allowed to take their time to learn things and develop their own abilities and talents at their own phase. Wanting them to cope with our phase and expectations will only cause them to be exhausted, confused and burdened. Let us, parents, observe our kids and discover their interests, then give them our full support and inspire them.